My TomTom Touch Experience

Four weeks on from my last blog post and I can safely say that the university term is in full swing. I get asked a lot of the time by university students how do I keep up with my gym routine, studying, going out and of course – sleeping. And it’s something which I’ve always prided myself on. I’ve always been one of those people to take on as much as possible and when someone tries to help I mentally respond with ‘It’s fine, I’m fine, I can do it, thanks’. (If you know me you’ll know ‘thanks’ pretty much goes on the end of my every sentence – it’s probably an overly polite/English trait).

That being said, I’ve definitely noticed things feeling a little heavier than usual (and that’s no joke probably because the clocks have gone back an hour so it’s darker earlier… I hate dark, long evenings!) And I’ve recently struggled to remain so positive whilst trying to juggle what feels like a million things at once, but then I remind myself that everybody at some stage feels like this, and it’s normal to well, stress.


One of the most useful things I’ve found is to take a step back and remember that the world is a much bigger place than you think, and at the end of the day we’re not as important as we think we are. I know that sounds odd but next time you’ve six deadlines coming up, exams looming, a gym routine to stick to and your best friend’s birthday – just remember that a million other people out there experience the same things in their life and you’re not the only one who feels pressured. Take one thing at a time and plan it out so you can make sure you get it done whilst prioritising your gym routine and yourself.


One thing that has helped to keep me in check routine-wise is my current sports gadget, the TomTom Touch. My friend also has one and we’ve been comparing our body stats, figures and goals every few days to find out where we’re at with our aims. Being able to see someone else’s progress and be reminded that there are other people who are just as focused and determined to reach their own goals and ‘deadlines’ is a refreshing reminder that we’re not alone.


Not only has the TomTom Touch helped me stay on track with my goals by measuring body composition, step count, sleep and heart rate, I’ve been making sure to be in a calorie surplus each day, so it’s interesting to see how my body fat has fluctuated whilst I’m trying to gain. I love being constantly reminded of my goals with a simple touch and learning more about my body and where it can take me.


Love, Molly xx

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