Start Lifting w/ the Curve Guide 2017

I personally believe that the only way you can honestly give out good advice to somebody is if you’ve been in their shoes. I know what it feels like to be in a situation which you want to change. You might not know what to or what from, but you can feel it in your bones that it’s time to grow, take on something new and challenge yourself in a positive and exciting way.


That’s exactly how I felt just over a year ago in the Summer of 2015. I had already established that fitness was, well, it was gonna be my thang from that point on. I had the healthy mindset, I had the fitness account and I felt like I was ready to make a positive change in my life, regarding my fitness, that would get me the physical results I wanted to see. So I turned to weightlifting.


I had been following a bunch of fitness gals on Insta with the sculpted shoulders, strong core, round bum, toned thighs (you know the drill), and they were posting about food, strength and I spotted the ‘NO CARDIO’ from a mile off. So this instantly drew me in.

After searching for about a month for an approachable, female-friendly guide (I know that sounds weird, but I had never done weight lifting before and I was terrified of picking up a weight and turning into Arnie) – I FOUND NOTHING. Nothing which spoke out to me and made lifting seem clear and simple, everything was stark black and white grids/ words I had never heard of and huge gym equipment I was so intimidated to use.

So I did something about it. I got in touch with a PT and nutritionist, I spent hours and hours searching how to do exercises from squats, deadlifts, chest press, lunges and more, and I got to it. I followed a programme for 12 weeks working out 4 days a week focussing on strength training and I also followed a set of maintenance macros, and let me tell you, I FELL. IN. LOVE.


This programme which I fell in love with, is now my beautiful Curve Guide (yes it’s basically my baby). I decided to put it out there in case any girl had also been keen to start lifting but literally didn’t know where to start. And so, if that’s you right now, looking for something exciting, beneficial, positive and freaking cool to get into let me tell you why the Curve Guide will be your best decision yet.


  1. Less is more.
    1. With #PPCG you’re only required to strength train 4 days a week, with each session lasting roughly an hour you’re more than likely gonna surprise yourself with how much progress you see when you actually segment more time for your muscles to relax and rehabilitate. Heavy weights means you’ll be shaping up your body and achieving long-term results through fat loss AND muscle gain, hence you’ll be getting incredibly toned whilst on the guide. You won’t be exhausted throughout the week and you’re gonna enjoy every workout.
  2. Food is your friend. 
    1. With the Curve Guide, my whole mental attitude towards food completely shifted to the better. I no longer look at food and think, shit that’s a plate full of calories… better not. I’m now motivated day in and day out to find foods I love in order to HIT MY MACROS so I can secure the muscle gains I’m looking to achieve. Macros allowed me to realise that I can still enjoy the foods I love, everything in moderation.
  3. Long-term Fitness
    1. The Curve Guide gave me the opportunity to fall in love with fitness long-term. It’s not easy to build muscle fast, especially for girls, so weightlifting gives you a long term goal, it encourages you to see the bigger picture and realise that there is no ‘quick fix’ to anything. On top of that, the exercises in #PPCG are just bloody fun! I genuinely love seeing how heavy I can lift each week and being proud of my body for keeping fit and strong.
  4. Confidence 
    1. I genuinely believe the most important thing in life is confidence. And whilst the initial stages of heading to the gym, walking into the weights room and planning your workout can be intimidating, there is no better feeling than strolling out of that gym knowing you conquered what you set out to achieve. Before I used the Curve Guide but wanted to lift weights, I was TERRIFIED of walking into a room full of sweaty muscley men attempting to lift anything. But with the guide I had a clear vision of what I had to achieve in the gym, so I would go, I would follow it step by step and complete my workout. It sounds like the simplest thing ever but having the confidence to believe in yourself and ignore that chatter going on in your head is something which takes a lot of courage. I’m now never ever intimidated whenever I walk into the weights room, and I have SO much more confidence in everyday life because I’ve been there I’ve experienced feeling insecure, I’ve stared it in the face, I’ve dealt with it and because of that I’ve grown as a person. See it as a challenge which will help you to grow, physically and mentally.


Now that I’ve completed my Curve Guide a few times, I’m currently pursuing my next stage of lifting with the team at Born Fitness, an extremely exciting new phase in my life which I would not have been able to unlock without the initial stages of the Curve Guide. I am now a more confident, focused, happier and fitter version of myself because of #PPCG. Remember, always aim for progress in all areas – physically, mentally and emotionally, and never, ever, aim for perfection. (There’s no such thing)

Get Your Curve Guide Here


Molly xx

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24 year old British something moving to NYC. Former 'fitness influencer' and now podcaster of all things interesting, controversial, jokes and real life. Also deeply committed to start-up: WalkUp, but that's a whole other story.

5 thoughts on “Start Lifting w/ the Curve Guide 2017

  1. Hi Molly:) I just purchsed your curve guied and cant wait to get started. However I just have one question on the exercises in strength training section. If they are pired togetehr does that mean you superset them? Or do you just do each exercise for the suggested total sets and then move on to the second exercise and then take a break? Thank you, Clo

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  2. Hi Molly! I had a quick question before I purchase your guide? I’m currently performing a cut to lose some body fat and excess weight before I start exercising for hypertrophy/muscle growth. Would your program be ok to do on a cut or should I start your workout routine after my cut? I’m at -30% of maintenance calories right now so I don’t expect to see much muscle growth? Thanks!


  3. Hi! I just purchased your Curve Guide. What happens when you finish the 3 phases, do you start all over? I mean… How do you progress using the whole plan? Do I need to start with phase 1 again/ maintain phase 3 but with variations? Because I’m not new to weight lifting although I really wanted to have what you had cause it pretty much looks more effective! 🙂 Hoping for your response. Thank you, Ms. Molly! Continue inspiring people. Hence, more vides please 💛


  4. Thank you so much for making this guide! I’m a PT but I’ve always done everything at home with limited equipment because I couldn’t afford a gym… but now I’m finally taking this big step of practicing lifting! I’m so glad I found your guide! I have the book knowledge of how to do things, but not the practical knowledge… two very different things. So thank you! My Insta is if you have any interest at all in following my journey. ❤


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