• Creatine is produced in your body and can be found in high protein foods like meat and chicken, it is a natural. Creatine allows you to train harder and longer by converting your useless ADP energy stores into ‘ATP’ which is your body’s energy source. ATP stands from Adenine Tri-Phosphate and it is created when your body oxidises carbs, protein and fats. Why? Because ATP drives every bodily action.
  • When you’re weightlifting your body prefers (firstly) to use energy from its creatine phosphate stores, if you increase these stores with creatine you’ll be providing more energy for your workouts.
  • Creatine also hydrates your muscle cells, this will allow for greater protein synthesis. As your muscles will be holding more water there will be a greater number of ions (ions follow water in order to make sure the concentration is the same). More ions = more protein synthesis.
  • Help: see results faster.
  • Results: If you take an average of 5g a day you will likely see results in 30 days.
  • I thought that as soon as you take it you’ll have an energy boost, that’s not true. You will only notice your energy levels rising after an extended period of time taking creatine because the energy comes from your phosphate stores.



  • One of the most predominate amino acids in your body. Essential if you’ve injured yourself or have an illness. Glutamine is present in your body, without it your body would not be able to manufacture cells on a daily basis.
  • After a workout you will have broken down the muscle tissue and glutamine will help rebuild the muscle as it is apart of the protein synthesis process.
  • Also helps your immune system.

Protein World Glutamine – I’ve been getting my Glutamine, whey protein and BCAA’s (below) and have been loving the results using them.



  • The leaner your body gets the more quickly you’re likely to see a loss of muscle mass as your body clings to your body fat stores. Because of this, your body will then turn to muscle in order to supply energy to the body.
  • Decreased energy intake and decreased glycogen storage (especially if you’re having low carbs) will mean you’re getting weaker in your training sessions and your muscles won’t use as much energy as they adapt.
  • Branch Chain Amino Acids stimulate protein synthesis. They also increase the cell’s capacity for protein synthesis. They ALSO slow down the rate of protein breakdown.
  • In addition to this, when you exercise your serotonin levels increase which can mean a less effective workout as you may be feeling more tired. BCAA’s reduces the amount of serotonin produced which could make you train more effectively.
  • Go directly to your blood stream so can be an effective energy source for workouts.

Protein World IBCAAs


I just want to remind you, I’m not a nutritionist! This is information which I have collected from PhD students online and what I have found from my own personal experience.

Love, Molly xx

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