The Sculpt and Fat Burn Guide

YO YOU GUYS. BIG NEWS, my Sculpt and Fat Burn Guide will be out THIS SUNDAY (March 12th 2017) and I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited…

After completing my Curve Guide I decided I wanted to turn the intensity up and challenge myself through nutrition, weightlifting, cardio, high intensity workouts and an all over different fitness regime to what I was used to.

So this is blog post is to lay down THE FACTS. No frills or fuss just telling you exactly what my latest member of the family #PPSFB is made up of. I’m excited, are you excited? You better be excited because this guide was created out of my collaboration with Born Fitness, who are absolutely awesome. Don’t believe me? Check this out:

Adam Bornstein (the amazing man who I’ve been working with the last few months, creator of Born Fitness) is an award-winning fitness and nutrition journalist. Former editor of, Men’s Health Magazine, has written for, is the author of FIVE flippin’ books, has been published in the New York Times, ESPN and has appeared on E! News, Good Morning America and the Early Show. Aaaaaand breathe.


Just casually throwing a tire around

Sculpt and Fat Burn (the facts)

  • It’s 16 weeks
  • It’s made up of two parts: the nutritional section and the workout section
  • The nutritional section is 14 pages with a password locked macro calculator specifically tailored to YOU. How so?
    • You enter your current weight, target weight, activity levels, meal suitability and more, hit calculate and your exact macros (fats, carbs and proteins will be calculated)
    • Change your goal? Have the freedom to change your macros
    • Educate yourself, the nutritional part of the guide delves into detail about: common misconceptions in regards to food and fuel, simple vs. complex carbs, everything you need to know in regards to fat and why it’s essential / what fats to avoid (mono/poly/sats/trans), how much protein is bad, why protein is essential, how to plan your meals and a shopping list of must-haves.
  • Workout section: 
    • Outlines the key 2 rules which you’ve been missing and which will allow you to progress at full force.
    • Split into 4 parts: Lean Muscle Development, Metabolic Booster, Ultimate Resculpt and Fat Burn. 
    • Lean Muscle Development (4 weeks): Focussing on a full range of motion and consistent tension so your muscles will be fully engaged. You’ll be aiming for non-stop tension which creates the perfect environment for building muscle.
    • Metabolic Booster (4 weeks): Your workouts will be split into lower body, upper body and full body workouts. You’ll be doing a combination of circuit days and superset workouts to make sure you’re building muscle at the same time that you’re melting fat.
    • Ultimate Resculpt (4 weeks): Shaping your body into the look YOU want. You don’t want to plateau your progress so the tempo here changes and new exercises are introduced. If you really want to focus on building muscle, then variety is your best friend, and this is what you see throughout all phases.
    • Fat Burn (4 weeks): High intensity workouts using a variety of weights and push/pull exercises which challenge your whole body. Expect to sweat.
      • Optional Additional 4 weeks to the ‘Fat Burn’ section of the guide for those over achievers! 


Sippin’ my Protein World Vanilla Slender Blend to boost my workouts

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