Who is Molly

Hello people. My name is Molly (it’s actually Molly-Anne but how long winded is that ey?) & I’m a 20 year old Londoner studying History at Edinburgh University with a mad passion for fitness, food and fajitas (lol kidding I’m not actually that into Mexican I just wanted to say the word fajita)


A year ago I created my own personal fitness Instagram account called @progresspure, I was tired of quitting, of giving up and of always feeling unsatisfied with my body and mentality.

A year later and I can safely say that creating @progresspure was genuinely the best decision of my life.  Over the last year I have had the opportunity to create incredible relationships with awesome chicks world wide, feature in a couple magazine articles and create a weightlifting workout guide, Curve Guide all the way ladies! #PPCG

This post is mainly about what I get up to other than fitness, so you can know more about me other than how much I sweat.

Drive? Nah, I’ll take the camel

Right now I am studying in Edinburgh, a lot of you will probably be surprised to know I am actually studying History! I know it’s so random. I don’t want to be a Historian or teacher or an academic but I chose it because I wanted to go to University and well, I’ve always been fairly good at it and it’s actually so interesting. The main reason I went to University was to give me 4 years (Scotland is 4 years, UK is 3) of cufufiling (I know this isn’t a real word, there will probably be a lot of made up words on my blog, it basically means bumbiling around… if that helps). I essentially opted in to buy some time for myself to find out what I want to do with my life. My plan is to try a whole load of things and narrow it down to the ones I like and then after Uni hopefully carry on with some of those. I have some amazing friends up in Edinburgh and I’m happy to say it’s a beautiful place to study and live.


I actually live in London and have my whole life. I lurrrrve living in a busy city, I’m sure a lot of you gym bunnies feel the same way, I love getting up and doing my thing. Even the rushing around and bumping into people and getting shoved here and there, I love it! I’m my happiest when I’m busy and have something to do (I mean hands on kind of stuff, like doing jobs or having errands, sounds weird I know but I have to have purpose otherwise I feel pretty lost). Don’t get me wrong I would adore to live on a white sandy beach with turquoise water and mermaids handing me pina coladas every 5 minutes, but on a day to day basis – London suits me very well.

Apart from fitness I have always been very involved with acting and performing. I love having the ability to change into a different character and manipulate speech to make someone feel a certain emotion. I think the power that comes with acting is the factor which draws me in most, being able to hold a crowds attention for so long and make hundreds of people listen to every word you’re saying is phenomenal. It really gives me such an unexplainable rush and makes me incredibly emotional just talking about it.

I have an incredible family made up of my brother my mum and my dad. My parents were recently divorced but it’s actually made me closer to them separately. We are all very independent people and definitely get on with our own things, but it’s always a pleasure coming back down to London and regrouping with them. My brother is 24 and funny enough he actually works for a chocolate company! I know I know. He gets bags and bags of maltesers, mars bars, snickers, starburst you name it and none of us eat it. I’m not kidding. He doesn’t like chocolate or sweets or crisps, and not for health reasons! He just doesn’t like it, he’ll never ever have some ice cream or anything at all sweet. It’s the weirdest thing. My mum is a spinning teacher (I really lucked in with my mum right!?) and she actually runs her own studio so I am incredibly lucky to have had her my whole life, especially with healthy meals from when I was young. I get on with both my parents incredibly well so it kind of feels like they’re just two really good friends of mine! I really am grateful for the family I’ve got.

My mum and I

I definitely lead my life in a positive way, I really do try to see the best out of situations and use every opportunity to my advantage. I really believe in loving oneself, the key to happiness is to fall in love with yourself. You’ve got to because if you don’t then why should someone else? It sounds a bit upfront but it’s true, and it applies to fitness and leading a wholesome lifestyle. If you don’t believe you can change your life then why should anyone else? If you don’t believe that one day you’ll be able to do 15 pushups in a row then you probably never will. Be as ambitious you can be, if you want a yacht with 10 houses then tell yourself that one day it will be yours, because you control your life so steer it in the direction you want. It all comes down to self confidence and security, not arrogance. Be secure in who you are because we are all amazing and we all have something to offer to this world, so be as true to yourself as you can be. Wow, without even realising this last bit turned into a bit of a motivational post rather than about me! Sorry about that, sometimes I will probably just go off on one.

So that’s a snapshot of my life in a bit of detail for you lovely ladies! I know I keep saying it but I am so happy to be starting this blog, I always try and answer your questions on Instagram as much as I can but I am usually out or the word count holds me back. I am ecstatic that I can now communicate with you all properly.

Lots of love


17 thoughts on “Who is Molly

  1. Hi Molly! Would you mind talking about protein bars etc like do you still eat them (I saw recently that you ate a trek bar even though in your blog post you said you never eat them?). Is everything you eat whole food and “clean” or do you also eat things like protein bars and shakes? Also, do you still have a cheat day once a week like you used to or have you stopped this? Lots of love! X


    1. Hey Sophie! Thanks for your comment lovely. Yeah for sure, so I don’t really eat chocolatey protein bars anymore, I definitely used to but was mainly eating them so I could avoid eating regular chocolate. I find them pretty gross now though and don’t really enjoy them at all. I love trek & bounce balls! I try to keep these to a minimum as they’re pretty sugary (especially trek) and I don’t like going over my sugar for the day. I love protein shakes and always have these! Usually with a banana and no I don’t necessarily eat ‘clean’ but I tend to prefer the healthier options so it often works out that way. And no I stopped having cheat meals! xx


  2. Hi Molly, I follow you on instagram since at least 6months ago and I love your posts, your stories, and your motivation. I don’t know why, but it is the first time I go into your blog haha but I love it!! I started the same way, I started with an instagram account and a blog, if you want to check it out, it is: blumadness.wordpress.com
    I seriously admire you!


  3. Hey Molly, I’ve followed you since you’ve taken over the PumpUp snapchat account months back! I admire your positive personality and dedication to the gym. I am trying myself to begin a consistent workout regime; seeing your progress has given me the motivation to try as well. However, when you get the chance can do you a blog post about counting macros, its benefits and how to count macros? I know you’re busy so do it whenever you can and you have free time. Thanks again!! 🙂


  4. Hi! i have followed you on instagram for a couple of months and you are who inspire me! Im trying to star my fitness journey but i still find it difficult i think im waiting for a bigger motivation and you are really helping! I love your pictures and all the nice words you put below them!
    Sorry for my not to well english haha
    Lots of love from Argentina! ❤


  5. Hey! how are you? i have followed you on instagram for a couple of months and i love your pictures and all the nice words you put below them! I want to start my fitness journey but i still found it a little difficult (oops. I think im waiting for a bigger motivation to get on my way but you are really helping, so thank you so much for that!
    Sorry for my not-to-well english haha!
    Lots of love from Argentina!!


  6. Hi! So Happy to have my pure progress curve guide now 🙂 Quick question about daily calorie intake. You know how myfitness pal gives you extra calories to consume on days that you work out – am I supposed to add those to my daily goal or should I stay with the original goal for calorie intake.



    1. Hey Kelly! Ah that’s so exciting let me know how you get on. Yeah I know what you mean, just stick to the macros which the Curve Guide worked out for you don’t worry about the calories lost whilst working out. Stick with your original goal. No worries love xx


  7. What a positive blog! I have been a runner and fitness buff most of my life but with a few health set backs over the lat few years I find it harder and harder to get going again. I stumbled on your blog via my WP Reader. Maybe a little Pure Progress can get me going again.. Great blog!


  8. Hey! I just wanted to say how very inspirational you are, I’m only fifteen but I one day aspire to lead a life like yours, full of fitness and positive mindfulness! Please could you give me some advice for how I can stay healthy when most of my time is spent revising for GCSEs, it’s all to easy to just snack 24/7 when revising, which I know won’t do me any good with a minimum of 4 hours of real exercise a week… I love exercise but at the end of the day, my work comes first:/
    Hazel Rae (my real name is Molly too:)) xx


  9. Hi, Molly, I’ve left a message at FB (inbox) just type my name to the search bar. I’d appreciate an answer :D. PS we aren’t friends there so probably amongst the message requests.


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