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To know the basic facts behind lifting, eating and sculpting that physique of yours then keep reading!

What exactly is the Curve Guide?

A 12 week strength training guide for women aimed to build lean muscle, lose fat and create a feminine curve by shaping your glutes, thighs, waist and shoulders.


The Curve Guide will educate and inform you on the nuts and bolts of female strength training, with the first section dedicated to nutrition you’ll learn all about macronutrients and why fats, carbs and proteins are essential to shaping your physique.

Carbs are not bad for you, fats will not make you fat and a lot of protein won’t turn you into the hulk. This is a concept I struggled with for a long time and so have designed the nutritional guide to clarify why the right amount of each is vital. The nutritional guide supplies you with 3 separate macro calculators, whether:

1. This your first diet? Never counted calories or macros before? Don’t want to count? Then the guide provides you with an outline of how to start eating correctly and get you on track to transitioning your eating habits.

2. Been on a few diets and want to take it to the next level and don’t mind some tracking? Then calculate your beginning figures with our personal calculator.

3. Ready to give macros your all and happy to track everything to achieve optimum results?


Whatever stage you’re at, the Curve Guide is equipped to help you every step of the way. With an FAQ page and a personal page on how exactly I got started and how I continue today.

The Curve Guide workouts compliment the nutritional aspects entirely, focusing on gaining lean muscle and burning excess fat through DUP exercises.

What is DUP?

DUP stands for Daily Undulating Periodisation, and focuses on using your muscles more frequently to maximise your MPS – Muscle protein synthesis. (I know it’s a lot of fancy words, so to break it down into basics):


When you workout your MPS levels (the amount of protein and growth in your muscle cells) shoots up. In order to grow your muscles you want frequent spikes of MPS. If you train the same muscles you trained the day before, your levels of MPS will be roughly 7 times higher than if you leave that same muscle group for 2 days. Therefore, the Curve Guide focuses on compound exercises which use your entire body, and exercises coupled into supersets which will be hitting previously worked muscles.


When Victoria’s Secret Angels are doin’ it you know it’s right

So not only will you be targeting individual muscle groups in the Curve Guide, but every workout demands you to use large amounts of muscle groups at once, hello squats, deadlifts, bent over row, upright row and so on…

What I’m trying to say is, each workout is challenging. You will sweat, you will have to push yourself but you’ll also learn so much more about your body and nutrition that you’ll be equipped to take the reigns and stroll into the weights section with confidence. Personally I much prefer taking my time at the gym, focussing on executing the technique perfectly and really feeling my muscles work. I always leave the gym with a pump, knowing my muscles will definitely be growing and also knowing that I am well deserving a hearty meal! No more drastically cutting calories and avoiding carbs.

To grow you gotta eat, so work out your macros with the Curve Guide and start lifting!


Love, Molly xx

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